Te Tira December 2015

Te Tira - Acapella Community Choir

Te Tira have been singing together for 4 years now.  Monday nights are a time of learning, laughter,  and luscious sounds.  Care to join us?

Songbook Launch July 2015

The Same Moon Songbook launch concert July 2015.  Kiri Waiata’s first book of original songs for community choirs.

Peer Sing 2015

The annual Peer Sing where some 200 voices gather and sing to and for each other.


An acapella mixed voices community choir based in Bardon, Brisbane.

Kiri Waiata

Introducing Te Tira's Conductor

“Lovely Kiri! A great sense of humour and style. Inspiring.” “Loved every minute with an electrifying, talented teacher/performer.” Find out more about Kiri here.
Sing It Out!

There's Lots Going On!

Keep up to date with what Te Tira is up to –  rehearsals, workshops, performances and interesting bits of musical information on their blog page.
Te Tira's Infamous Leader in Action!

A Few Pics!

Over at the Gallery you can find a few photos of the lovely Te Tirians at various performances in recent times.  They’re a handsome lot!
Ssshhhh - Like Wind through the Trees!

Secret Choir Business

To help with the learning process, practice audios, lyric sheets and scores can be downloaded from the website.  One can lead a horse to water…….

Drop Us Line ....

Singing is one of those things isn’t it? Most people would love to sing a little or a lot.  But often the notion of singing is bound up in ability and the daunting prospect of actually being heard! Te Tira a fun, safe, enlivening space to venture into the magical world of sound and group singing.  Among our members are those who have been singing most of their lives through to those who have never uttered a musical note.  All feel supported, guided and included. Why not give it a go?